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Quaternary Times Spring 2020 is out! 

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Virtual AMQUA 2020 meeting

You are invited to the AmQua 50th Anniversary Zoom conference
“holding the torch & turning the corner”    
When: June 15-19, 2020 
10:00am – 12:00pm Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)


Dear AmQua members and Quaternary enthusiasts,

We hope you are staying well, and we look forward to your attendance at this online conference event, reorganized to share our mutual excitement in and dedication to Quaternary science in this time of global disruptions.  As you know, the in-person AmQua meeting "Quaternary Futures" has been postponed a year.  In its place we have organized an exciting Zoom meeting to help keep us engaged in the interim.

We invite you to join us for daily 2-hour sessions for:
1. a great lineup of speakers who have graciously agreed to present talks in this rapidly restructured online setting. 
2. posters and poster "lightning talks" - we have several submissions and encourage new poster proposals (just submit a poster author/s, title, and abstract to qrc@uw.edu by the end of the day June 7th).
3. a Publishing Workshop hosted by Quaternary Research and Cambridge University Press (June 16th)
4. opportunities for collegial discussion about all of the above.

The full program (exclusive of posters at present) can be found on the AmQua 2020 Conference Web Site: https://sites.uw.edu/amqua50/

Instructions for registration can be found on the website or below. To help us manage the meeting we ask you to follow the following 3-step process:

1.  Sign-up at Eventbrite well before the conference to receive instructions for the Zoom meeting registration. 
a.      Sign-up in advance for this meeting: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/virtual-amqua-2020-50th-anniversary-biennial-meeting-online-tickets-104374795824
b.      In Eventbright: select “1” ticket. The event is free, but you will be given the chance to donate to AMQUA to support student/early career participation in future in-person AMQUA meetings.

2.  Register for the Zoom Meeting: When you receive an email from Eventbright, click on “View Now” button. This will take you to the Online Event Page, where you will follow instructions for registering for the Zoom meeting.

3.  After registering with Zoom, you will receive a meeting access link and password, along with additional instructions for how to connect to the conference over Zoom, should you need them. This registration system will help us keep track of attendees and maintain the most secure meeting (i.e., minimize the risk of “Zoom bombing”).

Yours truly,


AMQUA Distinguished Career Awards 2019 & 2020

It is a pleasure for the AMQUA Council and Executive Committee to announce that the 2019 and 2020 Distinguished Career Awards are Dr. Vera Markgraf (University Northern Arizona) and Dr. Julio Betancourt (USGS), respectively. Because of the postponement of the 2020 Biennial meeting in Seattle to June 2021, the formal presentation of these awards will have to wait, until we convene in Seattle next year.

AMQUA Distinguished Career Award Winners:

Dr. Vera Markgraf (2019) and Dr. Julio Betancourt (2020)

The American Quaternary Association (AMQUA) is a professional organization of North American scientists devoted to studying all aspects of the Quaternary Period, about the last 2.6 million years of Earth history. Studying the Quaternary is critically important because it has been a time of frequent and dramatic environmental changes, exemplified by growing and decaying continental ice sheets and mountain glaciers. Beyond understanding the forces that shaped our modern environment, studying the Quaternary Period is significant because the environmental changes accompanying past ice ages were the backdrop for global changes in floral and faunal communities, including extinction of a diverse megafauna, and for the evolution of modern humans and their dispersal throughout the world.

AMQUA was founded in 1970 primarily to foster cooperation and communication among the remarkably broad array of disciplines involved in studying the Quaternary Period. Major activities include a biennial meeting, professional awards, partnership with INQUA (the International Quaternary Association), and the Quaternary Times newsletter.