Editorial policy

The Quaternary Times (QT) acts as the official publication of the American Quaternary Association (AMQUA). The QT is a newsletter and does not carry the weight of a standard scientific publication.  However, it does represent AMQUA to the broader community.  AMQUA has adopted the American Geophysical Union (AGU) policy of Scientific Integrity and Professional Ethics (see statement on the AMQUA web page, www.amqua.org). 

This Review Process policy was approved by the AMQUA council October 15, 2018 to ensure that the QT is representative of the AMQUA mission statement and the standards set in the AGU’s Ethical guidelines for publication of Scientific Research.  This policy may be modified at any future meeting of the AMQUA Council. 


Review Process policy:

1.  The QT editor receives a document for inclusion into the QT. 

2.  The QT editor forwards this document to the AMQUA Secretary

3.  The AMQUA Secretary forwards the document to the appropriate councilors (minimum of two) based on the general discipline specialty of the document content.  The councilors determine if the document conforms to accepted ethical and scientific standards.  

4.  Each councilor makes a recommendation for or against including the document in the newsletter to the AMQUA Secretary.

5.  The AMQUA Secretary forwards the councilors’ recommendations to the AMQUA President, President-elect, and Treasurer and a final determination is made for or against including the document in the QT.

6.  The AMQUA Secretary shares the final decision with the QT editor and the reviewing councilors.