Distinguished Career

AMQUA’s Distinguished Career Award recognizes a senior scientist who has contributed significantly and continuously to the advancement of Quaternary science in any discipline. This highest award bestowed by AMQUA honors someone with a decades-long commitment to and positive impact within Quaternary science, and who has worked on North American Quaternary issues for a substantial part of their career.

Nominations: Each nomination package should include the nominee’s up-to-date CV (no page limit) and at least one letter of nomination summarizing the nominee’s major career contributions and qualifications for the Distinguished Career Award. Up to two additional supporting letters may be included in a package.  All letters are two pages maximum, and letter(s) may have more than one signee. Self-nominations are not permitted. The nominee must be alive at the time of nomination but does not need to be a member of AMQUA. All nominees are retained as candidates for three years (two award cycles). Recipients  are announced prior to and recognized at AMQUA meetings.

Please keep the highest standards for both excellence and diversity in mind, as you consider nominating fellow scientists. AMQUA seeks to honor exceptional scientists who represent the full diversity of our profession. Common and well-documented biases are known to lead to discounting of accomplishments by underrepresented groups, and people of color and white women have historically received research-focused society awards in proportions far lower than their representation in scientific fields. AMQUA is determined to do better going forward, and we seek your help in recognizing the outstanding accomplishments of all Quaternary scientists.

Please submit nominations to AMQUA secretary Colin Long at longco@uwosh.edu by April 22, 2024.  Award recipients will be announced prior to and will be recognized at the 2024 AMQUA Biennial meeting in August in Salt Lake city, Utah.


List of recipients:

Year Recipent   Year Recipent
2022 Julie Brigham-Grette   2021  Estella Leopold
2020 Julio Betancourt   2019 Vera Markgraf
2018 Giff Miller   2017 Cathy Whitlock
2016 Patrick Bartlein   2015 Eric Grimm
2014 Ernest L. Lundelius   2013 Paul Colinvaux
2012 William Ruddiman   2011 Kenneth Pierce
2010 George Frison   2009 Peter Birkeland
2008 William A. Watts   2007 W. Raymond Wood
2006 Thompson Webb III   2005 Richard Baker
2004 Stephen C. Porter   2003 John E. Kutzbach
2002 C. Vance Haynes, Jr.   2001 Margaret Bryan Davis
2000 Minze Stuiver   1999 Paul Martin
1998 John Andrews   1997 David Hopkins
1996 Herbert E. Wright, Jr.  


Cathy Whitlock

Cathy Whitlock

2017 AMQUA Distinguished Award 

Giff Miller

2018 AMQUA Distinguished Award