Eric Grimm Award for Excellence in Open Science and Data Stewardship

The Eric Grimm Award recognizes an outstanding early career scientist with demonstrated excellence in research and an exemplary commitment to advancing open science by building and stewarding open community resources such as data and software.  This award was established in 2021 in recognition of Dr. Eric Grimm’s lifelong achievements as a scientist, his impact as a mentor to early career scientists, and his steadfast commitment to building and sharing open community software and data.

Applications:  Eligible applicants are current graduate students, or have received their PhDs within ten years of the award date. (Duration from degree may be extended by the number of years taken for parental, caregiving or personal/medical leave.) Membership in AMQUA is not required but candidates should be at a North American institution or demonstrably advancing open science pertaining to North American Quaternary research. Applications should include: up-to-date CV (no page limit); a statement (not to exceed two pages) describing your research activities and efforts to advance open data and science; and name, title/affiliation, email address and phone number of two referees who can speak to your scientific achievements and efforts to advance access to open science and data. All applications are retained for at least three years and applicants may be renominated as long as eligibility criteria are met. Winners are announced prior to and recognized at AMQUA meetings and receive a monetary prize.