Submission Guidelines


General guidelines for submissions:

The Quaternary Times is published twice per year, typically in mid-October and mid-March. Please submit material for the newsletter to QT editor Susann Stolze. Specific deadlines will be announced by e-mail in advance of each issue.

If you are interested in submitting a research report or grad student report, Newsletter space is allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. Because of this, we appreciate timely inquiries and contributions.

We accept several types of submissions to the Quaternary Times: 1) Graduate student report 2) Research reports 3) Announcements of general interest to the AMQUA membership

Guidelines for Graduate Student Corner

Graduate Student reports are typically formatted to fit on a single newsletter page. This generally means between 450-475 words and one or two figures.

Please see the guidelines for Figures and Acknowledgements, and examples below.

Guidelines for Research Reports:

Please include a title and author names and brief affiliations at the top of the research report. Research reports are typically between 425-475 words, including title, authors and affiliations. Up to two figures can also be submitted. In some months, we will also accept an expanded report to be featured on the front page (generally in the fall of non-conference years and spring of conference years).

Please see the guidelines for Figures, References, and Acknowledgements, and examples below.

Guidelines for Announcements

We accept announcements that are of interest to AMQUA members, such as conference announcements, workshop announcements, new resources, etc.

Please try to keep announcements brief (e.g., ideally 150 words or less), with a short descriptive title and other relevant information. It is helpful to include a link to a website if you wish to include additional information.

If your announcement contains dates or deadlines, consult the QT publishing timeline above to make sure it will be relevant for publication in the particular issue. If you have announcements during off-times (e.g., for late-breaking announcements with deadlines before the newsletter is published), please prepare a brief, plain-text e-mail that can be sent to the membership, again with links to additional information as outlined above.

References and/or footnotes

All references or footnotes should be numbered and superscripted in their order of appearance in the main text, and cited in numeric order at the end of the submission. No particular format is required for references beyond this, though enough information needs to be included for readers to find the reference if so desired. We suggest following the formatting for Nature.

Depending on space in the newsletter, we may only print the reference list in the on-line version of the newsletter, particularly for submissions with more than three references.

Acknowledgements can be included, but should be brief.


We will include up to two figures per research report or graduate student report. Please include a brief descriptive caption for each figure. Graduate student reports generally include a single photo of the grad student, but grad students may also submit research photos instead.

Example, Research Report

RESEARCH REPORT: Aminostratigraphy workshops 2010-2011 and continuing data management

-Author 1, University of XXX, Author 2, University of XXX, and Author 3, XXX University

Main text

Figure 1. Brief descriptive caption

More main text

Figure 2. Brief descriptive caption

References Cited

1 Reference
2 Reference
3 Etc.

Example, Graduate Student Corner


Main text

Figure 1. Include a brief descriptive caption if you submit a research-related photo. No caption is needed if you submit a photo of yourself

More main text